Development of new statistical tools for improving the detection of population substructure at individual level with applications in humans
Detecting population substructure in Homo sapiens from the genetic diversity of the species is cumbersome given its evolutionary history and recent origin. Nevertheless, population substructure represents a serious threat when conducting GWAS and properly identifying its signature is essential for...
Coordinator: Oscar Lao
Exploration of non-random Somatic Mutations in Cancer Genomes
Cancer is a disease of the genome. Somatic mutations accumulate on top of the germline genome from many exogenous insults that we are constantly exposed to. If mutations are not removed or repaired they can result in progression to cancer disease. It is know that many of the insults we are exposed...
Coordinator: Ivo Gut
Transcriptome Analysis of Animal Models of Spontaneous Healing of Buruli Ulcer
Buruli ulcer (BU) is a neglected emerging infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans. BU has become the third most prevalent mycobacteriosis worldwide, after tuberculosis and leprosy. Limited knowledge of the disease and the fact that it affects mainly poor rural communities contribute to...
Coordinator: Jorge Pedrosa